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The ILEETA Learning Lab

The ILEETA Conference is the largest gathering of law enforcement trainers in the world.  More than 150 instructor oriented courses including certification, armorer and live fire courses.  The ILEETA expo will feature over a hundred vendors of the latest in law enforcement equipment, technology and support.  Incredible opportunities to learn, network and re-charge your spirit at this unique event.  Learn more by clicking here!

The ILEETA Learning Lab is your opportunity to hear a synopsis of some of the courses offered at the ILEETA Conference.   You must be a current ILEETA member to take advantage of this resource.  If you have not logged in you will be promoted to do so using your username/preferred email address and password.  If you have forgotten your password just click on the "forgot password" link and an email will be sent to your preferred email address enabling you to create a new one.  To access this training, click on one of the subject tracks below.

Instructor Development

Benjamin Scholl  - Classroom Mixology - Add, Shake, Enjoy!

Mike Huth - 2019 ILEETA Trainer of the Year

Matthew Mallory - Three Steps Behind (3SB) - Combating delays in reaction time!

Brian Willis  - Excellence in Training

Todd Brown  - The New "Reality": How AR, VR and MR Technologies Can Change Training

Paul Hasselberger  Mentoring FTO

Chip Huth - 2020 ILEETA Trainer of the Year

Kerry Mensior - How to Use Personality Science to Enhance Training

Michael Warren - LE Trainer, Tear Down That Wall!

Michael Williams – Embracing Our Servant-Warrior Ethos in an Age of Guardians

Steve Sheridan - Cognitive Warrior

Roy Bedard - Perceptual Cognitive Skills: Improving Decision Making for LEOs

Lou Ann Hamblin - Instructional Leadership-Training for our Future

Daniel Greene - Beyond the Basics - The Art and Science of Retention

Darrell Burton - II It's Not About You:  Slow Down!

Tim Christol - Ensuring training blends with the agency Mission, Vision & Values

Chris Butler - Research-Informed Critical Training Issues

Lon Bartel - Deliberate and Purposeful Practice: The Path to Expertise

Officer Survival & Tactics

Brian McKenna - Don't Let Your Officers Get Blindsided

Ellis Amdur - Managing High Risk High-Consequence Social Interactions

John Bostain Ambush: How Real is The Threat and What Can We Do About It?

Richard Fairburn - Ambush Survival: Train your officers to prevail

Michael and Angeleic Huth - Winning Before the Fight

Jason Devlin - Right of Bang! Adaptive Decision-Making in High Risk Environments

Brian McKenna - Off the Clock but Never Off the Firing Line: Off-Duty Safety

Lyle Mason - Training for the Ambush - Program Design and Lessons Learned

Use of Force 

Geoffrey Desmoulin - Science of Violence, Considerations in Use of Force Investigation

Kevin Davis - Dynamics of Officer Involved Shootings

Troy Rodgers Psychology-Based Departmental Guidelines for OIS Response

Glyn Corbitt - Analyzing an Officer-Involved Use of Force Incident

Gary Klugiewicz The Truth about De-escalation:  It's a Tool - Not Destination

Albert Gonzales - S.O.S Surviving an Officer Involved Shooting

Peter Ebel - Shots Fired! You Won the Battle; Now Win the War

Tony Montanarella Fusing Classroom and Mixed Reality Training

Peter Barone - Officer Involved Shootings: What Happens After You Pull the Trigger

Kevin Davis - Ascertaining Totality 

Leadership and Community Relations 

Stephen Enteman Managing the Tangibles

Andrew DeMuth - Leadership Concepts that Must be Part of Annual Training

Timothy Barfield - Leadership: Creating Courage in the Thin Blue Line

Roger Callese - Training for Crisis: ICAT, CIT & PJ for Improved Officer Safety

Chuck Joyner - Instructors are Leaders - Leaders Instruct

Anthony Serafini Community Policing: Like Your Life Depends On It

Timothy Barfield Engaging the Addicted, Police Led Recovery Initiatives

Charles Huth - 7 Traits of Effective Leaders

Wellness and other Special Topics 

Daniel Greene A Conversation with the 2017 ILEETA Trainer of the Year

Scott Michel -  Train Right...Get Home at Night!

Laura King - Leading the Police Family: Lessons in Leadership to use at Home

Salvatore Alioto - Technology in Law Enforcement Training: Today's Golden Age

Thomas Cline - Tactical Stress Management

Sue Weaver - The Role of Faith in Officer Resiliency & Survival- Case Studies

David R. Edwards  - Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health in Emergency Services

Graham Tinius - Top Ten Case Laws Every (Field Training) Officer Should Know

Nicholas Greco IV - Officer Wellness – It’s Not a Checkbox!

Jason Sery - Returning To Duty After Critical Incidents

Christopher Christman - L.E. & Autism – Considerations for police response to persons on the spectrum

Bruce-Alan Barnard How to Teach Search and Seizure Law

Morgan Ballis - School Active Shooter Response Training - Beyond Run, Hide, Fight

Anthony Maness - Officer Safety in the Digital Realm (OSINT and Digital Def/Off)

Stephanie Conn - Increasing Resilience in Police

Troy Rodgers - Maintaining Moral High Ground in Times of Public Scrutiny/Media Attacks

Michelle Palladini - Mental Push-Ups: The Positive Impact of Mindfulness Training

Nicholas Greco IV - Delirium, Dementia, and Aging: Ensuring Safe Interactions in the Field

Daniel Greene - Field Training - A Discussion on Learning, Leadership, and Legacy

Jonathan McCombs - Five Things Every LEO needs to know about Cybersecurity

Jamey Gadoury - I. Need. Help. Do You Dare Say It?


Firearms Training

Todd Fletcher - It's All Fun & Games!

Paul Taylor - The Impact of Muzzle-Position on Response Time and Decision-Making

Michelle Cerino - Demystifying Shooting for Females (and Males)



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