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The ILEETA Learning Lab

   The ILEETA Conference is the largest gathering of law enforcement trainers in the world.  More than 150 instructor oriented courses including certification, armorer and live fire courses.  The ILEETA expo will feature over a hundred vendors of the latest in law enforcement equipment, technology and support.  Incredible opportunities to learn, network and re-charge your spirit at this unique event.  Learn more by clicking here!

The ILEETA Learning Lab is your opportunity to hear a synopsis of some of the courses offered at the ILEETA Conference.   You must be a current ILEETA member to take advantage of this resource.  If you have not logged in you will be promoted to do so using your username/preferred email address and password.  If you have forgotten your password just click on the "forgot password" link and an email will be sent to your preferred email address enabling you to create a new one.  To access this training, click on one of the subject tracks below.

Instructor Development

Chris Bratton - Training for Retirement Success

Michael Warren - Numbers Don’t Lie: Are we really learning from our mistakes?

James Daniels - Unmanned Aircraft Systems(UAS)/Drones as a Training Tool For Instructors

Brian Willis - Excellence in Training: A Philosophy for Training Heroes

Jason Der - Learn to Fail or Fail to Learn

Kerry Avery - Listening isn’t Learning: Increasing Student Engagement 

Dennis Valone - Training or Evaluating? Rethinking Scenario Based Training

Daniel Greene - The  Leading Edge FTO

Curtis Pote - What's Your Why?

John Combs - Developing Valid and Defensible Physical Fitness Standards 

John Combs - Developing Valid and Defensible Physical Fitness Standards

Laura King - Tactical Brain Science: How the mind impacts police performance

John Bostain - The Transformational Trainer   

William Harvey – Help a Trainer Up – The HATU Lodge

Patrick Horine - Developing and Validating Training 

Kerry Mensior - Don't be boring!  Create training that's engaging!

Kelly Enos - Assessing Training: How do we improve teaching and learning

Lou Ann Hamblin - Building Warrior Women Trainers-A Collaborative Approach:

Thom Dworak - Adaptive Decision-making for the FTO

Michael Huth - Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks

Officer Survival & Tactics

Lyle Mason - Training for the Ambush - Program Design and Lessons Learned

John Bennett - Below 100

Andy Casavant - Tactical Operations: Defined by Sun Tzu's "Art of War" 

Use of Force 

Thomas Jackson - Reviewing Force on Video, Simple Steps to Clarity

Kevin Davis - Force: Facts versus Factions & Fiction 

Leadership and Community Relations 

John Robison - Leading Without Rank: The Role of the Law Enforcement Trainer      

Michele Devlin and Mark Grey - Cultural Asset Teams- A Tactical Anthropology Approach to Training

Bill Reilly - Directions to Utopia PD: A trainer’s guide 

Michelle Palladini - Innovation in Police/Youth Engagement and Why This Matters Now   

Paul Hasselberger - Leadership and the FTO Unit 

Wellness and other Special Topics 

Scott Vincent - Health and Wellness Programs for Law Enforcement: A Model Program

Dr. Patrick Faircloth - You are not under arrest: Interpersonal Communication with Loved Ones

Anthony Maness - Being Human in the Digital Age: Law Enforcement’s Sharpest Tool  


Firearms Training 

Theodore Striegnitz - The Science of Firearms Training

Defensive/Control Tactics (coming soon)



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