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The ILEETA Learning Lab 

This is an example of the offerings in the Learning Lab available to ILEETA Members. 

The Learning Lab is a series of 60 minute interviews with ILEETA Conference presenters discussing the key teaching point takeaways from their conference presentation. These interviews are packed with great content and created to serve as  weekly professional development training for ILEETA members.

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2019 ILEETA Conference Instructor - Charles Huth - 7 Traits of Effective Leaders

This discussion designed to promote understanding and regard for the perspectives of direct reports. It is designed to prepare the law enforcement leader to manage personnel in socially challenging and diverse situations. We will discuss how a frame of mind that is regarding of others impacts interpersonal communication, relational trust, and accountability in a complex environment. We will also introduce the concept of objectification and how we tend to see others only in terms of how they get in our way, indulge us, or don’t matter.

Major Charles ‘Chip’ Huth has 27 years law enforcement experience and currently serves as a Commander with the Kansas City, MO Police Dept. He formerly led the Street Crimes Tactical Enforcement Team and planned, coordinated, & executed over 2500 high-risk tactical operations. He is a defensive tactics trainer, a court expert witness in police operations & reasonable force, the state of MO’s defensive tactics subject matter expert, an accomplished author, and served in the United States Army.

2018 ILEETA Conference Instructor - Kevin Davis - Force: Facts versus Factions & Fiction 

This discussion will delve into the many fictions and factions which oppose law enforcement on use of force and proper force investigations and provide research on how to use the facts of force usage, including: legal, body worn camera video, human factors and professional competent force investigations

Kevin Davis has been in law enforcement since 1982. His background includes: corrections, uniform patrol, street narcotics, SWAT, training and body worn camera investigations. He is a prolific writer for police periodicals and Officer.com.  Kevin is the author of the best-selling Use of Force Investigations: A Manual for Law Enforcement.



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